•   Labourers' International Union of North America, Local 3000

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Joining LIUNA 3000 and upgrading your workplace is incredibly easy. Consider this page your launchpad towards achieving a successful campaign, and acts as a guide for you and your co-workers throughout the process.

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Join the 1000's of workers who have already voted to join LIUNA 3000.

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The LIUNA 3000 family continues to grow year after year, especially during the difficult times we all face during the pandemic. Workers across all provinces and sectors are seeking to protect themselves and their families.

What we win when you join LIUNA 3000.


Your union representatives are a highly trained team of experienced labour relations specialist, legal experts, organizers and support staff.


You choose your own union stewards who receive extensive training and support. Stewards are there to assist you on the front line, and work as a team with your professional union representatives.


Legal Representatives, Workers’ Compensation consultants, Pay Equity and Human Rights Specialists are also part of our integrated team of professionals.


LIUNA Local 3000 provides Registered Staff that need professional liability coverage with Malpractice Insurance at no additional cost.

How to join LIUNA 3000

  • 1

    Step 1: Sign a Card

    You and your co-workers sign a membership card with LIUNA 3000. Either through a physical paper card, or a digital card located at the bottom of this page. A LIUNA 3000 organizer will help guide you through the process.
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    Step 2: Build Support

    When enough membership cards are signed by your co-workers, your LIUNA 3000 organizer will assess the campaign to ensure your victory if a vote was triggered. The membership cards & vote are private and confidential.
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    Step 3: Trigger a Vote

    Once your LIUNA 3000 organizer ensures your victory, a vote will be triggered with the Ontario Labour Relations Board. If 51% or more vote in for LIUNA 3000, you are victorious and have now become LIUNA 3000 Union Members.

Frequently Asked Questions

The LIUNA 3000 Union Dues are only 1.4%. Which means for every $1000 you earn it's just $14. More importantly, all Union Dues are 100% tax deductible. You also don't pay Union Dues until you and your co-workers ratify (accept) a Collective Agreement.

Your employer will try and prevent you from joining a Union. We have seen it all, including; spreading false information, crying in front of employees, making huge promises, paying workers to vote no, paying for taxi/uber for workers to vote no, etc.

The good news, is that you are protected by the law (Ontario Labour Relations Act), and your LIUNA 3000 Organizer is incredibly experienced at dealing with employer anti-union behaviour. They will help guide you through this common situation.

After you and your co-workers have successfully voted in LIUNA 3000 as your Union the following will happen;
  1. A LIUNA 3000 Business Representative will be assigned to your workplace.
  2. A meeting will be held where you and your co-workers will make proposals (upgrades) you wish to see negotiated into your Collective Agreement.
  3. Dates for negotiations will be arranged between the Union and the employer, and contract negotiations will begin.

A Collective Agreement is a contract negotiated between LIUNA 3000 and your employer which sets out all wages and working conditions for your workplace. Examples of what a Collective Agreement might include are; Wages, Vacation, Hours of Work, Seniority, Grievance Procedure, and many more. You do not pay LIUNA 3000 Union Dues until you obtain a Collective Agreement.

Hear it from the
LIUNA 3000 members.

“Since ng bago kami ng union sa aming workplace hindi na ako natatakot dahil ang LIUNA local 3000 ay isang matatag na union na maasahan. Sila Ay palaban! LIUNA 3000 all the way!”

Elizabeth Oliveira

Willowgrove Long-Term Care

“LIUNA 3000 is not only about advocating and getting the best contracts they can for their members, it's also about how everyone here is connected and has your back no matter what.”

Lisa Burke

Oakcrossing Long-Term Care

“With LIUNA 3000 we have a voice that's being heard. Management is taking us more seriously now. We have power that we didn't feel like we had before.”

Seham Khalifeh

St. Joseph's Health Centre

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