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Arbitration Update

For our Alberta Members: Compliance with Bill 132

In 2020, the government of Alberta passed a law known as the Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act. That law, from LiUNA Local 3000’s perspective, was ill-advised, unfair to workers and their unions, and poor public policy. It is also curious that a government that brags about cutting red tape would pass a law that imposes so much needless red tape for employers, unionized workers and unions.

Despite our opposition to the law, we respect our legal obligations and have gone to great lengths to ensure that we are in compliance with the law.

The Act requires unions to advise their members on the portion of dues spent on core and non-core activities. “Non-core activities” are defined as activities related to social causes, charities, non-governmental organizations or organizations supportive of a political party that do not directly benefit dues-paying members in the bargaining unit.

As of August 1, 2022, the union may only deduct dues that fund core activities, unless the union receives specific consent from each individual member.

After careful review of our accounts from 2021 and to date in 2022, the union can confirm that none of your ongoing dues will be used for non-core activities. Your union receives a significant amount of income from sources outside of union dues, and all non-core activity funding will come from those funds.

In these circumstances it is not necessary for any of our members to sign any type of election regarding union dues, and we expect your employers to continue to deduct and remit union dues in the usual fashion.

Any of our members who wish to review our most recent financial statements may request a copy by e-mailing cnero@liuna3000.ca.

In solidarity,

Charlene Nero

President of LiUNA 3000

In solidarity,

Ken Sharpe

Business Manager of LiUNA 3000